Digital media is playing an increasingly important role in life.  

With the average person having multiple online accounts, digital inheritance has become a complex issue. The term digital estate refers to digital media and rights that can be inherited. Digital assets are (in contrast to physical assets) more dynamic and temporary. When a person dies they leave behind a digital presence which can include online accounts, passwords, contracts, receipts, financial transactions, medical information or personal websites, and can involve banking, writing, images and social media. A digital estate is not only a person’s online presence; it includes data stored digitally on personal technology such as a phone or computer.

Who will be able to gain access and close down or transfer the data? What if an email account is hacked after someone’s death and emails are sent from that account?

  • Music accounts; Spotify, iTunes etc.
  • Video downloads
  • Photographs
  • Kindle e-Books
  • Cloud storage; Dropbox, iCloud etc.
  • Email Accounts
  • Online selling accounts; eBay etc.
  • Online gambling or gaming accounts
  • Social media; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn 
  • Online banking accounts
  • Software licences; Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud

A new service is being offered by Compass Will Writers specifically designed to solve this issue, ensuring your valuable digital assets are passed onto who you want or closed down. Compass will create a “digital vault” where they can keep copies of important documents, such as your Will, Lasting Powers of Attorney as well as keeping passwords in a secure environment, as opposed to writing them down or storing them on a local computer which can be hacked.


Inheritance Data Vault

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